Supermarket stop

2 Apr

Hello again!

As I mentioned before this site will be all about marketing and the experience that comes along from a customer/marketer point of view.

Today I would like to comment and talk about trips made to the supermarket.

I have found that the trip to the supermarket you either love it or hate it, there’s rarely an in between opinion. Why would that be?

It is true that going to the supermarket takes away valuable time, specially if you are someone who works or is a housewife; but when you love to shop or when you go out there as a keen observer, it really is an enjoyable time. In times past the market was a meeting point, necessary, flourishing place for towns and cities, people really needed to be there either selling or buying. Today, our lives are not necessarily centered around a market; as it was before.

Going to the supermarket is in fact a necessity for everybody, we all need to go there to get our food and basic items, but maybe it is time to see it all in a different light.

There is in fact a lot of information that an be gathered from this necessary stop: new launched products, creative packages, useful promotions. product displays, and more…. One can really make sense of how good or bad any one consumer product company is doing by the amount of product and placement on the shelves, its pricing strategies, etc..

Its time to be aware of  how the backstage of it all works. The putting together of 2 distinct products on a particular aisle or shelf can only mean that they blend together to the customer, and most of the time we won’t pick one, we pick both. (Ex. video games aisle with candy bars on its side). Or what about the very attractive last stop before the counter? all the candies and magazines displayed there for us, that we inevitably grab on impulse? Because we do!

Remembering that everything in a supermarket: aisle layout (generally, milk and dairy on the back to make customer cover all the space), product placement, promotions, music… everything must be specially orchestrated, they need to create a positive, pleasant experience for us; we need to be entertained, we need to go to the supermarket and have a good time. Making it attractive, enjoyable, and an easy experience for the customer is all fundamental for this establishments to get more flow of customers. That is the challenge for every new supermarket and the way of thinking they must have, we constantly see new chain stores coming up and they all are so good, they need to give that extra something to be number one in the customer’s mind!

Till next time!


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