Sitcoms & us

3 Apr


Last night I was watching Friends on TV, and started wondering how this sitcom portrayed the life of young people in the 90’s and well into the 2000´s. It clearly shows the life of any young American: living in a good apartment, no real troubles in life, comfort and a liberal way of thinking. This kinds of shows also help shape the thinking of the young people who watch it, and if American culture is open-minded, this sitcom made it still more. To cite an example we can think about Ross’ character and how he went through several divorces and even had an ex-wife who became a lesbian.

That was the 90’s and its the new way of thinking, but what about those more closed and traditional cultures in say, Latin America, who watched the show and made the young people take life in a different way? It certainly changes the perspectives and values of younger generations, but, we must accept all this openness comes with globalization.

A great current example of how society changes is the new series Glee. For me Glee is a big platform for warming up high school kids and making them more tolerant to anyone: homosexuals, overweight people, geeks, etc..

And in a way it is a good thing to create a show that addresses  and portrays all this kids as the center of attention and giving them confidence and showing their true self and feelings through their performing acts. Sitcoms truly adapt to society and vice versa, we need to approach kids on whatever media we can: right now TV is one good way to grasp their attention, and more than making them tolerant to others, shows could start to shift a little all that culture to something in which loyalty, education, politeness comes firsthand and really sticks to them. So, TV, movies, and all media available to young generations could start focusing on the impact they generate and finding new contents that truly make a change on the lives of those who watch it!

Till next time!


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